Rogue One

Just a short post this time – a few photos of some Rogue One work taken last year in Glasgow, most of these are around Strathclyde University (near #strathwonderwall), the lizard eye one is in a car park on Bell Street in the Merchant City.

The weather has been pretty rotten recently so I’ve hardly picked up my camera in weeks, I hope to get that sorted soon and get some photos of the (now finished) Smug work on Argyle Street and the huge Rogue One and Ejek production for Partick Thistle.

IMG_1825 (Copy)

IMG_1827 (Copy)

IMG_1828 (Copy)

IMG_1803 (Copy)


Rogue One and Ejek North Portland Street

This lecture theatre mural is part of the huge project on the Graham Hills Building at Strathclyde University (on the corner of George Street/North Portland Street). Based on a design by the university, it seems to depict a combination of an older class (in black and white) and a modern one(in colour), as with the others, it was painted by Art Pistol‘s Rogue One and Ejek. As well as the finished mural, I’ve shown a couple of progress photos.

IMG_0937 (Copy)


IMG_1054 (Copy)

IMG_0682 (Copy)



As well as the huge murals I posted previously, the #Strathwonderwall has been taking shape on Strathclyde University Graham Hills Building on George Street, Glasgow -complete with hashtag and encouragement for people to post their photos on social media. Although I know the people in them are relevant to the local area, I must confess to not knowing who a lot of them are, except John Logie Baird and Frankenstein’s Monster!  I hope you enjoy them anyway, and if you know who they are, feel free to leave a comment. Work done using Strathclyde University designs by Art Pistol artists Rogue One and Ejek

IMG_0685 (Copy) (2)

IMG_0686 (Copy)

IMG_0687 (Copy)

IMG_0689 (Copy)

IMG_0690 (Copy)

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IMG_0693 (Copy)

IMG_0694 (Copy)

IMG_0696 (Copy) (2)

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Rogue One and Ejek at Strathclyde University

Rogue One and Ejek are currently working on their third mural at Strathclyde University, just off George Street, Glasgow. The first two, both on the Graham Hills building are complete.  All 3 were designed by the university and commissioned by Art Pistol and they are HUGE! If anyone wants to see them in person, they are a short walk east of George Square. For more information on progress, you can find Rogue One’s Facebook page here and Ejek’s Facebook page here. Also on Ejek’s page, you can see his finished work from Dundee Pink Jam here, which was still in progress when I had to leave.

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IMG_0937 (Copy)