Blackpool Part 3

All these photos were taken  at the outdoor gallery in Adelaide Street (the rear of the Winter Gardens). Unfortunately I don’t know all the artists but will update as I find out. Some have been cropped, as where cars were parked it was hard to fit everything in.

The Toasters

IMG_0007 (Copy)

My Dog Sighs

IMG_0003-edit (Copy)


IMG_0010-edit (Copy)

Tank/The Toasters

IMG_0016.1 (Copy)


IMG_0026-edit (Copy)

David Walker

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IMG_9997-edit (Copy)


IMG_9998-edit (Copy)


IMG_0001 (Copy)

Guy Denning

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IMG_0029 (Copy)

Dale Grimshaw

IMG_0030 (Copy)


Blackpool part 2

Some more photos from my Blackpool trip last week – if anyone is thinking of going there for a look at this stuff, I can definitely recommend it. I was only down for around 5 or 6 hours and managed to fit in taking loads of photos, lunch, trip to the tower and some shopping. All of this I am posting is around the city centre. I also recommend a trip to Baseline Creative Studio just outside the Hounds Hill shopping centre where you can pick up some work from local artists including Catch 22 and He Dreamt Mars. For more information on what they do, check out their website Pictured below is work from (top to bottom) Akse, unknown (been trying to find out, but no luck so far), Zed1(left) and Krio (right), Eska, Lonac, Martin Whatson, My Dog Sighs, Jay Sharples, Catch 22, Lowdown, My Dog Sighs and Shai Dahan. Enjoy! More to come in the next couple of weeks.

IMG_0042 (Copy)

IMG_0044 (Copy)

IMG_0047 (Copy)

IMG_0049 (Copy)

IMG_0051 (Copy)

IMG_0052 (Copy)

IMG_9922 (Copy)

IMG_9931 (Copy)

IMG_9938 (Copy)

IMG_9940 (Copy)

IMG_9944 (Copy)

IMG_9949 (Copy)

Blackpool Street Art part 1

Although not as well known as ,for example, Upfest in Bristol, Sand,Sea and Spray is really helping to put Blackpool on the street art map. The festival started in 2011, and has grown in popularity since, and has managed to save at least one building from demolition, as the owner enjoyed the art at Crookson Street car park so much. Previous artists attending have included Smug, Id-iom, Inkie, Kashink and The Toasters. I went down in April 2014 to get some photos from various locations before (I assume) some of them get painted over to make way for this year’s even – which runs from 13-15 June(2014). For more information, keep an eye on their Facebook page. I have so many photos, I’ll be posting maybe 3 blogs, so look out for more coming soon.  From top to bottom, the artists of this batch(where known)are : Lonac, Jana & Js, Smug, Shai Dahan (smaller piece by Jay Sharples), Kashink(with Catch 22 on the left, and Lowdown on the right), Otto Schade, The London Police, Zed 1, Zina and last, but certainly not least, Id-iom.


IMG_0031 (Copy)


IMG_0033 (Copy)


IMG_0041 (Copy)

IMG_0045 (Copy)

IMG_9935 (Copy)

IMG_9946 (Copy)

IMG_9963 (Copy)

IMG_9964 (Copy)

IMG_9970 (Copy)

IMG_9989 (Copy)